100 Dumbell Workouts Question


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Hi. Has anyone started using the 100 Dumbell Workout? I see there are 100 different dumbell exercises but I think I am missing something. I am not sure what the first four pages are. I want to use it correctly but not sure how to proceed.

page 1 has Gladiator Day 1: full body workout Day 2: rest or casual training, etc. then "Knight"
page 2 has PPL and Guardian,

I am not sure how to use this program.

I am also not sure I am making any sense! LOL


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If you choose the "gladiator" workout, then you should look for a full-body workout on day 1, rest on day 2, do an upperbody workout on day three, etc. You can filter for specific workouts here. If you choose gladiator, then on day 1, you should go to this link and select "full body" on the filter. You could also use any full-body workout you want, it doesn't have to be from Darebee.

You do not need to do all of them. It's just like choosing what "class" you want to belong to. Do you want to be a gladiator, a knight, an assassin, or something else? This is how these characters train.