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Hi i would like to gain weight and muscle as i am currently only 42 kg at the age of 18 and would like to hit 50kg by the end of the year while also gaining muscles. May i know which workout program and diet is most recommended?


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It is somewhat easy, and somewhat not.
For a program, you want something that builds muscle, because while you gain weight, you don't want that to be fat. So, you either choose bodyweight exercises, or something with free weights. Any strength-based program on Darebee would do, or if you have access to a gym and prefer trying out dumbbells/barbells, chose a routine for that. Your fitness level is another thing you have to consider. You haven't stated how fit/active you are and how much experience you have with working out for some better advice. Do cardio, but don't make it your main focus.
As for diet... it's mostly eating more calories than you burn at this point. No idea how tall you are, but look up a TDEE calculator, enter your values, get your TDEE and add 500 calories on top. Try to eat that much per day. I once was below 40kg at 1.61m and had to gain around 15 kg of weight. I basically ate lots of fish, eggs, meat and dairy. Really, if you can drink a good amount of milk per day in addition to your meals, you can already gain a good amount of calories. Healthy fats like butter and lard are your friends.
I don't have any knowledge on gaining weight on a plant-based diet, but maybe someone else has.


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Milk is an easy way to gain weight, drink 5 cups a day plus eat a lot. Don't do cardio stuff choose exercises that are hard. I gained 24lbs in 4 months adding 5 cups of milk. A cup of milk with meals will also get more food down your neck.

What are you eating now? got any equipment or gym ?


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would like to hit 50kg by the end of the year while also gaining muscles.
20 lb gain by the end of 2023 would be easy but you have to eat more than you are now and lift weights. @needhelp420 and others who make post like yours need to give a lot more info about yourself.

Do you do your own cooking, are you on a budget, do you have food restrictions, are you working ?
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