I just started taking a recovery drink

Grace Ward

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Although I have been working out for over 40 years, can you believe I have never taken a recovery drink!?
But I just took this course on nutrition, and it was very interesting. So off to the Vitamin Shoppe I went.
Not interested in anything with sugar - wish everything didn't have to taste sweet all the time.
But I ended up with True Athlete = Natural Recovery powder. So far (a week) I am liking it quite a bit.
Hopefully it will help me feed all my needy cells :)
Anyway, that is what is in my kitchen :love:


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I was taking a BCAA powder and never got any DOMS, at the mo trying a pre-workout just to see what my workouts are like, lots of caffeine in it but I do get in the gym at 7:15am. Makes me train hard almost non-stop.