I'm Back Baby!


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Hey Everyone! Hope the training is going well!

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YES! I AM BACK! I see there has been a major overhaul on the website! AWESOME!

What have I been up to? Well I got 2 cats during lockdown named Sox and Pumpkin who are the cutest little kittys ever!

As fitness for wise I am back into crossfit and have started training to do a fundraiser event which is doing 24 HOURS OF CROSSFIT! Basically I will be doing a Girls Benchmark Workout every hour for 24 hours. My practice runs are on my youtube page if you want to check them out ! :)

Link to youtube channel here

In the meantime I'll catch up on the lay out of this site and will start a new checkin thread to show progress on the event I'm doing

Great to be back! Ad great to catch up on all you awesome bees!


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@BlackButler I did a Cross Fit boot camp a some years back now, 3 days a week at 6am an hour each. I liked it but out of my budget and it was all University fit types. I did well could do dips on the rings without elbow assistance and sit-ups, ha ha them younger guys couldn't do ring dips or sit-ups, made me chuffed.

Good to see you M8!