Remember you first weight set ?


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I bought my first barbell bar some plates and collars downtown Manchester England (late 1960's) and a M8 helped me bring the gear home on a double decker bus.


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Still have my first dumbell set:
10kg each (adjustable)
Bought 4x5kg plates and 4x0.5 kg plates two years ago, to be more variable.

I guess bicep curls were my first exercise.


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I still have my first dumbbell set, too. Bought it 15 years ago, 12,5kg per side and adjustable. Since then, I bought a few additional plates and another set, so that I don't have to change plates between exercises as much.
Bicep curls were my first exercise, too, and I remember doing so much of them that I had trouble moving my arms for the next two days.