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Ironborn - Day 20
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 16
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 16
Core Control Challenge - Day 16

Ironborn - Day 21
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 17
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 17
Core Control Challenge - Day 17

Ironborn - Day 22
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 18
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 18
Core Control Challenge - Day 18

Ironborn - Day 23
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 19
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 19
Core Control Challenge - Day 19
Growwithjo's 15 min standing cardio
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16/01/2023 - 22/01/2023 | Weekly rundown
Average steps: 3116
PAI by the end of the week: 23

This week was pretty average. Busy at work, tired at home. I spent most of my evenings sitting on the floor and doing my diamond painting to unwind :LOL:
Turns out youtube workouts are a pretty sweet way to spice things up (but only if I manage to get out of bed at a normal time).
Temperatures dropped again after a long period of plus degrees and a lot of rain, so everything is super frozen now *looking at my car* I need to pick up some lock oil because the driver-side lock barely works at the moment and just keeps refreezing.
I had a small Sam Winchester moment too, thankfully my shoes stayed on, but I did manage to lose one of my gloves. I found it the next day xD
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Ironborn - Day 25
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 21
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 21
Core Control Challenge - Day 21

Ironborn - Day 26
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 22
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 22
Core Control Challenge - Day 22

Ironborn - Day 27
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 23
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 23
Core Control Challenge - Day 23

I haven't really had time to do extra workouts in the mornings (although I've been getting up at semi-normal times), but hopefully, I'll have more energy during the weekend
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Ironborn - Day 28
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 24
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 24
Core Control Challenge - Day 24
Growwithjo's standing abs workout

Ironborn - Day 29
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 25
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 25
Core Control Challenge - Day 25

Ironborn - Day 30
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 26
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 26
Core Control Challenge - Day 26

Done with Ironborn! I had already forgotten how much I loved this program. :dancy:
I'm not really sure what to do next, I was thinking about doing Ironheart and maybe some add-on program?
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"“Keep an eye on the staircases. They like to change.” Percy Weasley, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone."
Congrats :worried:


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Thanks @mavie @Mianevem @Fremen @TheLibrarian @BetaCorvi @HellYeah @Laura Rainbow Dragon @Lallafa :D

Ironheart - Day 1
Core Strength - Day 1 (3 sets)
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 27
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 27
Core Control Challenge - Day 27

Ironheart - Day 2
Core Strength - Day 2 (3 sets)
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 28
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 28
Core Control Challenge - Day 28

Decided to go with Core Strength. My abs are already hating me and we're only two days in :D
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Thanks @Froud @Silent Wolf :D

Ironheart - Day 3
Core Strength - Day 3 (3 sets)
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 29
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 29
Core Control Challenge - Day 29

Ironheart - Day 4
Core Strength - Day 4 (3 sets)
Daily Squats Challenge - Day 30
Easy Arms Challenge - Day 30
Core Control Challenge - Day 30
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Thanks @Fremen @Mianevem @Laura Rainbow Dragon @Silent Wolf @Lallafa @mavie :D

Ironheart - Day 5
Core Strength - Day 5 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 6
Core Strength - Day 6 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 7
Core Strength - Day 7 (3 sets)

I've been slacking a bit – I re-discovered an old game so I have been prioritizing that over workouts in the mornings a bit :facepalm:
The weekend was spent obsessing over the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies. The hobbit ones were on TV a couple of weeks ago, so I watched them then too, but they recently got added to my service provider's TV app, so I binge-watched them over the weekend and started with a LOTR marathon too (just the first one). I've seen the Hobbit ones more, but it's been years since the last time I watched LOTR :LOL:
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@Froud the Hobbit movies are definitely worth watching :ss: They're a bit different from the book in some ways, for example, the ending is more meaningful in my opinion

Ironheart - Day 8
Core Strength - Day 8 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 9
Core Strength - Day 9 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 10
Core Strength - Day 10 (3 sets)

This is getting pretty monotone, but at the same time, I'm rushing to work on most mornings, so there's not a lot of extra time
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Ironheart - Day 11
Core Strength - Day 11 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 12
Core Strength - Day 12 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 13
Core Strength - Day 13 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 14
Core Strength - Day 14 (3 sets)

It was a pretty slow weekend. I did have more time than during workdays, but I was still lazy :LOL:
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Ironheart - Day 15
Core Strength - Day 15 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 16
Core Strength - Day 16 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 17
Core Strength - Day 17 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 18
Core Strength - Day 18 (3 sets)

Somehow Ironheart feels harder than Ironborn did, maybe it's just because I haven't been training with weights for a long time.
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Ironheart - Day 19
Core Strength - Day 19 (3 sets)

Ironheart - Day 20
Core Strength - Day 20 (3 sets)
Shoveled a bunch of snow

Ironheart - Day 21
Core Strength - Day 21 (3 sets)
And even more snow shoveling

Training is still pretty monotone. The weekend was spent organizing and cleaning my room at my parents' place. I still go there pretty much every day since my cat lives with them, but I've been slacking with cleaning.
There was a big snowstorm yesterday with 10+cm of snow, plus wind, so some piles were easily knee-high :LOL: I'm dreading the cold though, the next few days are going to be colder (temperature dropping below -10C), it was around -4C this morning and my car was not too happy about this.
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Ironheart - Day 22
Core Strength - Day 22 (3 sets)

Had to walk to work this morning, because one of the rear wheels froze on my car. :roadkill: I guess I can't blame the handbrake anymore, because I haven't used it for a while, so I don't know what it is, my best guess is that there's moisture between the... brake things, and that keeps freezing? I don't really know anything technical about cars so I guess I'll leave that for my dad and possibly some mechanic to figure out xD
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Ironheart - Day 23
Core Strength - Day 23 (2 sets)

I got the wheel problem sorted yesterday and thankfully my car cooperated today, but it was -17C in the morning, so I had to go outside earlier to warm everything up. Apparently it's going to get even colder tonight :LOL:
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