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Hey everyone! My sister inspired me to try out this website and I am excited to check it out.
I am starting at uni in august and I'm currently home until then.
I have been working out since I was 13, doing various sports (soccer, taekwondo, kickboxing, billiards and weightlifing).
But when corona hit I kind of felt tired of everything and just wanted to lay in my bed all day. Luckily, I went to travel Europe when everything became normal again and made a lot of new friends this year. But I still couldn't find the motivation to excercise like I used to love. When I came home for the summer, I felt like it was time to get a grip. It helps that my sister is motivated and serious about this too. So now I am going to try to love exercise again.

My goals are to start lifting again and get in better shape. To fit the clothes I want and to get stronger like Korra ;)

Sunday the 9th of July
Today I went on a mountain hike with my parents. It was a nice trip with sun and a little wind.
The destination was 200 meters above sea levels and 4,20 km up and down. It took about 1,5 hours.
Steps: 10 005
Later I cleaned my room so I have space to work out and to just feel refreshed.
Now I am going to do the Forever young workout and drink ice tea when I am done.


I am excited to share my journey with you guys!

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Monday the 10th of July

I had a day off work today so I decided to go on a biking trip since the weather was nice. I had two destinations that I was going to stop by. The first stop was by a beach, along the sea side. No problem there. Next up was the second destination.
This is where I failed to find the post. I missed the spot by 500 meters too short and went in another road that led me to the woods. After a while I ended up on a farm, that's when I realised I had no clue where I was supposed to go. So I decided to give up on trying to find the post and go back home.
The whole trip ended up being 14,16km long and lasted 1,5 hours. So it was atleast a good training session, and the weather was great so I enjoyed it. I was listening to my soundtrack playlist and pretended I was in a movie.
Workouts I did today:

:rstar:Cycling - 14,16 km
:rstar: Forever Young Workout Level II - EC 5,21kg Dumbbels
:rstar:Pull Push Legs - Day 1 - 4,21 kg Dumbbels
:rstar:Steps: 10 011

My new addiction is carrot bites with dip, I needed something to snack on and I figured it's a great way to not feel the need for candy. I have had a great day and is already looking forward for what tomorrow brings. See you soon!
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Tuesday the 11th of July

Woke up at 11 am and just had some strawberry gello that I had cool off in the freezer and some vanilla sauce on top. Not much of a breakfast person so needed something light. My shift did not start until later in the afternoon, so i just relaxed and watched youtube. Ate some scrambled eggs with cottage cheese on a toast before I went to work.
I biked to work, it's about 2 km. I've noticed that I feel a lot more relaxed at work if I go by bike instead of taking the car. Will definitly keep doing that!
I am 20 btw, I think I forgot to mention that hehe.

Workouts I did:

Push pull legs day 2 - Dumbbells 5,21 kg
:rstar:Steps: 10 055
:rstar:Bike to and from work 4km

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Wednesday the 12th of July
Hi! Started the day with doing the workout before I even had breakfast. Just wanted to get it over with, so I could relax before work. It's like 30 degrees outside so I was dying from the heat. Work drained me today, luckily I now have vacation until next week!!!
Now I am going to take a midnight shower and go to bed:)
See you soon!

My workout today:
:rstar: Warm up - Stretching and loosening up shoulders
:rstar:Push pull legs day 3
:rstar:Boot camp day 1

:rstar:Steps: 10 458
:rstar: Bike to and from work: 4 km

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Me rn eating carrot and dip after a long day
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Thursday th 13th of July
Hi again! Today I was feeling a little off, idk what it was. A lot of just personal things going on but I still got my workouts in lukcily! Was a little too lazy to get my steps in but sometimes life is like that.
Not everyday is the same and that's ok. Just gonna watch some movies and enjoy the rest of the evening. Hope you had a good day!

:rstar:Bootcamp day 2
:rstar:Push pull legs day 4
:rstar:Code of abs day 1
:rstar:Steps: 3500

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Sunday the 20th of August

Hi guys! I know it has been a while. I have been busy, moving to the city on the other side of the country and moving in on my UNI dorm. It has all taken much of my time but I am happy to be back. Good news is I did not stop training, just writing hehe.. I have now been in a calorie deficit for a month and is down 4 kg + gained a little muscle. I have tried mostly to get my steps in, and have been going to the gym for about 2 weeks. I am very happy to see some change but I must admit it is also hard sometimes. It's extra hard right now because everything is new: city, school, social life and just trying to pick the right foods for the cheapest money. Life as a student is rough at the beginning, but I am trying to stay positive! I have had a lot of fun in this journey and is excited to start writing here again. Also I am trying to hit the gym 4-5 times a week because I enjoy it so much + the gym is in my building so it's very convinient!

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