What video games are you currently playing?

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Just finished playing the Witcher 3, which I really enjoyed (am now reading the books). Now going back to my forever game, The Binding of Isaac, for a bit. After that, maybe Judgment or making a third attempt at getting through Red Dead Redemption II. Oh yeah, later this week, Gloomhaven will be free on the Epic Games Store for one week.


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I would like to play Horizon Forbidden West, if my son wouldn't have captured my playstation and installed it in his room.... (parents problems :LOL: )


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Will be playing the new Saints Row this weekend. Expecting it will be bad but after playing all the others I just have to try it.
In case anyone was wondering - Oh dear me no. Just, no.
I am not a bard so I cannot explain in an entertaining way the problems we have had, but most of them are easy to find if you read reviews (e.g. every mission has bugs, etc.)

Worst of all though is that Saints Row itself kills my internet connection. :twitch:

I suspect that the packets it sends are causing the router or ISP to see the device as malicious, and shuts down the internet connection for the entire household. The only way to restart it is to reset the modem. As a household of computer specialists trust me, it has been extensively troubleshooted. 7/10 times within ten minutes of starting the game, internet dies.

Going to stick to 7 Days To Die for the weekend :zombie:


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I'm been enjoying:


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Went back to my Two Worlds Xbox 360 (2007). This is my 3rd play through and just looking for achievements. This game is fantastic old school RPG, love everything about it, a big fave. I have 40 out of 41 achievements, just have to find all locations above ground, but don't know how many are left to find.

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I'm somewhat playing Genshin. My friend got me into it two months ago, but I moved apartments and had such awful wifi connection that I couldn't play it. Just recently got a new desktop, but unfortunately my time away from Genshin has killed my desire to play it. Hope it comes back.

Just downloaded Beyond: Two Souls and am super duper duper duper duper looking forward to playing it! Ah. My old laptop could never handle a game like that (it could barely play Minecraft). I'll probably also start playing Raft with a couple of my buddies (again, not something that would have been possible on my laptop). There are just so many games I can play now that I couldn't play before! I'm a happy fellow.


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I been playing the mobile app Final Fantasy Record Keeper since it was released over 7 years ago, but the global version is being discontinued in a few days. I hope I will be motivated to be more productive in real life after it ends. I have a problem of not being very good at limiting my screen time.


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Having fun with "Gabriel Knight 2 - the beast within", and "wylde flowers" on Steam, those days.

I had done GK1 and 3 back in the days, with good memories of the storyline. So in GK2 I discover the story, and love it - I will comment on the story once over, to have a global appreciation, but so far very impressed with it.

Wylde flowers is just so whimsimical, it is a nice way to decompress (except that.. OK, spoilers if you wanna play it)
I don't want to see Grandma Hazel die, and it's clear it is coming... Noooo!