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    • Maladignia
      Maladignia replied to the thread January Releases.
      Jumped right into both these programs when I saw them! (keeps me from having to do the difficulty 5 programs a bit longer :p ) Right now...
    • Maladignia
      Maladignia reacted to neilarey's post in the thread SSL certificate crashed for ~1hr with Love Love.
      The website maintenance this morning tripped up our SSL certificate and it crashed for ~1hr. Apologies. Many many apologies. P.S...
    • Maladignia
      Maladignia reacted to igiveafit's post in the thread Do you use fitness trackers? with Celebrate Celebrate.
      Been using a fitbit for years. it's really been essential to my weightloss and fitness journey.
    • Maladignia
      Maladignia replied to the thread Work/Hobbies.
      I have no experience in TV acting but my guess is that it is actually a LOT of just waiting around, redoing things way too many times to...
    • Maladignia
      Maladignia reacted to Fresca's post in the thread Work/Hobbies with Like Like.
      I'm in early childhood education. It  can be quite physical, if you choose to make it so--hefting them kids around and chasing them...
    • Maladignia
      Maladignia reacted to jasontodd427's post in the thread New Name Suggestions with Like Like.
      I like the things you pointed out here, he has certainly tried to redeem/rebuild himself much like I’m trying to do now, so in that...
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