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I meal-prep my lunches for the week, every week. I'm going to start posting my "recipies" (I don't really measure anything) on the off chance others might do the same and want new ideas.

I am an omnivore, but I often include vegetarian protein sources, and sometimes use meat as a "condiment" father than a main ingredient.

This week - vaguely Asian rice bowls:
Cooked rice in my instapot with soy sauce, ginger, and beef bullion.

Roasted butternut squash (pre-cut) tossed with ginger, olive oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, and a tiny bit of maple syrup.

Added green beans and some sesame oil for last 5-7 mins of roasting. Squash got nicely caramelized. Beans got barely cooked, just warmed up and flavored.

Cooked some ground pork w a TON of ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce, and sesame oil.

Packed things up with rice in bottom and veggies + meat oh top.


Pirate from NYC area
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"Striving to be Stronger, NOT Smaller"
Yesterday was weird bc day off, but I did my things.

Today I did my language practice and some standing yoga while coffee perked and toast toasted (2 separate things, since old wiring, can't do both at once).

I am going to adjust my expectations slightly to let myself "win" and help habit build - standing yoga counts. (Today was a half moon/palm tree/that 1 foot pose w other foot on leg (calf today, oh well) flow-ish thing.)


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The supermarket had pork tenderloin in frozen packs of 2 (1044kg) so am making a Hungarian meat stew. Fry some onions and green peppers then add meat that is sliced up, loads of paprika powder then 2 cups stock and chopped peeled tomato. Let simmer all afternoon till reduce then thicken with Bisto's granules. Have with broad egg noodle and broccoli.

That's like 10 X 100g portion's.
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I never do rice for batch cooking, I mean I never include it to the portions to freeze...
Rice can be cooked and kept days in the fridge. Then you wok the portion you need every day, takes 2 mins while the frozen portion is preparing.

For batch cooking I mostly do
- chili con carne, I do a version with a mix a greens (brocoli, pea, green beans...) to load more vegatables. Rice is not included in my portion. I mostly bake 5kg total and divide in 10 portion of 500g.
- couscous veggies mix with beef or lamb sausages. Lots of veggies and same for the chili I mostly bake 5kg total and divide in 10 portion of 500g. The semonila is not included better fresh

How to prerare? I a big pan put the meat in (like 2kg) and cook it with the spices, garlic, onions, smoked paprika, and some Ras el Hamout or cumin seeds, chili flakes, cayenne pepper. I never do the same when it's spicy mix... Then put the mix of veggies that you cut before.
- chili: bell pepper, onions, red beans, corn... and I had some brocoli, peas, green beans (the long one) and flat beans. I had 3 can of tomato puree.
- couscous: I use a mix of already cut veggies and I cook the chickpea myself. I had a can of tomato puree.
Let's this slowly cook for easily 2 or 3 hours...


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I like to make a batch of split pea soup then I found split brown chickpea and have been using. Today I;ll make a batch and near the end of cooking I'll add some red lentils and defrosted frozen peas, carrots and corn. Some I'll freeze.