Frypan Toastie Naan


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Most times I have an Indian Dal Curry stew it's always good to have naan bread toasted in a caste iron fry pan with a little olive oil.

Cheese Toastie
I use naan bread that is round, put ketchup and cheese on it. Because I always freeze bread I'll microwave for 30 secs to defrost then put into an oiled fry pan, after a little time I'll fold in half. When both side are brown and crispy I eat it, sometimes I'll cut in half and share with my wife.

Egg Toastie
You can do the same with eggs, scrabble the eggs and pour into a fry pan about the same size as the naan, when just about set I place a microwave heated naan right on top, let sit a little, flip over and fold, brown both sides.
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