High rep squats and deadlifts


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I'm not sure if they beat all other substitutes, but I do high rep/low weight squats and dead lifts and have built some strong legs and lower back muscles. You can try to slow down your eccentric contractions (down part of the rep for both) or use very light weights to add variation or progression. I have been saving up for a set of weight plates and do a lot of barbell only squats/dead lifts in the mean time and I feel a good pump at higher reps. You can also try one leg body weight versions of both as well. I love dead lifts and squats!

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So I assume the remaining question is whether it's worth doing deadlifts for high reps, I'm talking very light and controlled reps.
the question here is what's your goal and circumstances for deads. as far as I understand you can't up the weight and lower the reps, so it leaves you with high reps and low weight anyway. even though I'm one of these people who like their squat, bench press and deads to be low reps (cuz I literally get bored after 10 reps of anything), I don't see anything bad in doing high rep deadlifts =) @guibo94 gave great advice, especially I love the suggestion of doing one-legged versions of exercises.

maybe give high rep B-stance deadlifts a try to switch up your training? :please: