Looking to break 1:45 Half Marathon


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Hi Darebees,
I started training for a half-marathon and looking to running a sub 1:45 HM. I have done several HM run, a few marathons, but not in the recent months. I have never been keen on strength training, but I figured if I could include a darebee program as part of my routine, it would be really beneficial. Any suggestions on which program to pick?


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You can do Half marathon training https://darebee.com/programs/half-marathon-training.html and adapt the running days to suit your speed level and focus
You could do 30 days of change, adapting the lengths of running to fit your training https://darebee.com/images/programs/30DOC/preview.jpg
Or you could do something like hard reset strength https://darebee.com/programs/hard-reset-strength.html that is meant to be done with hard reset cardio and couple that instead with a non-darebee program that would improve your time under 1hr45 for an HM.