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I used dareebee for years. I've been away for a while but have come back because life can be crazy.
Anyways, I am writing this to give show appreciation for all that darebee does. Particularly I want to thank you guys for the chair/wheelchair work outs! I started a few years back doing senior care at assisted living facilities. I recently started as a memory care coordinator for vitality and I am in charge of their physical, mental and spiritual needs. I do excerise with them every morning. And not long into it I remember dareebee and began utilizing it to help me help them. I've even printed workouts for individuals to do in their room if they wanted more. It's been a huge help for me and a blessing for them.
Just thought it would be neat to hear of another place darebee has made a difference!


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Thank you for sharing your experience, and thank you for your dedication to helping others lead healthier lives. Your efforts are making a positive difference, and Darebee is proud to be a part of that journey.
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