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So much of each of us is mental. What we want, what we think, what holds us back and what motivates us, it's all in our head. It is in the way we've learnt to think about ourselves and the world and what everyone else is expecting of us. The 'psychology' we speak of is a potent cocktail of past experiences, current dreams, needs, wants, fears and hopes. And all of this is dynamic. There is never really a solution to the puzzle that is each of us. What worked 100% yesterday is not going to today when the conditions are different or the pressure has changed or we are older. So each of us is, truly, a work in progress. It's the weekend and you could really help yourself a lot by diving into our Knowledge Base. Even if you find one tiny element that can help you unravel what's inside your head and help it align with the part of you that lives in the external world, you'd make more progress than you'd ever have thought was possible.

Stay safe Bees!
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