What do you listen to when you workout?


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Sometimes I listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts when I workout.
I was wondering if anyone had good recommendations that really get them motivated to work hard!


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It’s a great question, but I unfortunately prefer to work out in silence. I get that it helps a lot of people, but I find it a distraction that I don’t want or need. Hopefully others will have better answers.


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I usually listen to music. What kind of music? Well, it depends. Sometimes something fast, angry and "motivational", like death metal, grindcore, punk,...
Sometimes something more danceable like funk, disco, even pop...
Classical, jazz, blues, folk,...
It depends, but music is a big part of who I am and it accompanies me in many of my regular activities, not only when I workout.


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Normally I listen to a large variety of music, but when I exercise its usually something with a decent tempo to it, to keep me moving. Lots of electronic, techno, indie, kpop, etc. lately.
I also LOVE the app Zombies, Run! which is zombie apocalypse story that pops in and out during your run/walk (I use it while biking), and it auto-pauses and restarts your music when it comes on. It also has the option of turning on random zombie chases, where you need to go faster to outrun them. The story and voice actors are good, and it has good humor in it.
I have ADHD, so having that alternate with the music the way it does helps my mind keep busy, but also keeps me from zoning out into my thoughts too much (which would cause me to slack on my pace).