What is your favorite music to work out to


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My gym has sounds that are classic rock and I noticed they put up a request sheet so I wrote Motorhead: the chase is better than the catch, and Hawkwind: master of the universe.
Generally I don't bother with sounds, I just workout.


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I love Lemmy! :loveu:

My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold so I would like that and hard rock/progressive metal like that.

Years ago I used to walk/jog on my lunch hour and listen to music like that through what I think was Google music or whatever became YouTube music. That was how I even found A7X and also before I found Spotify.

Except now with limited time in the day, I don't do it with music. I work out watching the new episode of my soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

Watching being relative, hard to look if I'm doing something like planks or push-ups. :happy: