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So I’ve been running this program for a while now and I’m just wondering what others opinions are on it I’m looking for a good strength building program but also trying to build a good physique more like a power building program

M- push
Bench press
Incline press 4x8-10
Seated shoulder press 4x8
Lat raise 3x10-12
Chest press 4x8
Tricep push down 4x10
Over head triceb cable 3x10-12

T- pull
Single arm row 4x6-8
Pull downs - 4x10-12
Pull ups- 3x failure
Barbell curl 4x8-10
Preacher curl 3x10-12
Hammer curl 4x8-10

W- legs
Leg press 4x8-10
Leg curls 4x10-12
Hamstring curls 3x10-12
Romanian dl 4x8-10
Hack squats 3x10-12
Calf raises seated 4x10-12

Off and then repeat