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    • Anek
      Anek replied to the thread The Wonderbunny Playbook.
      A good day. Morning was quiet as the carpenter came by and he and my husband looked at a beam and did some tires. In the afternoon we...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Baryl's post in the thread Baryl - Round 2 with Like Like.
      Day 104: 4-18-24: Took a rest day. Work has been tiring and its been really hard to workout every single day. I'm going to try to...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to f1shie's post in the thread The tra1n1ng journal cont1nues with Like Like.
      1,056 - Walk It Off level 3, Power Squats day 5! 446 - Five minute meditation! ZORO WORKOUT - Chest and back light! Good thing -...
    • Anek
      Hi bees! 🐝 Last days of Easy Cardio and 1-minute Yoga Challenges await me, so I've decided to start a new one: the Posture Challenge...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to SevenDeadlyExes's post in the thread Back from the Dead 🧟‍♀️ with Like Like.
      Day 20: Fighters Codex Day 20 - that's 2/3 of the way towards my goal - getting good and flexy now, didn't bail when my feet slipped...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Mischa's post in the thread Welcome to my Island with Like Like.
      Hello! Yesterday I did: 18.04 1 min Yoga - 10/30 Upper Body Blast - 11/30 Olympian - 10/30 Flexibility Challenge - 10/30 Posture...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to DorothyMH's post in the thread The Other Side with Like Like.
      Fri, Apr 19, 2024 AM- awake before 6:30am (PDT) to blue skies, 37 (F)degrees feels like 29, and HIGH pollen🤧🤧🤧 Yard Clean up/Canoe...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Sólveig's post in the thread The Paragon Path Towards An Epic Destiny with Like Like.
      It was a lazy day. My body didn't ask to do anything, and I just couldn't work at all. There was a powercut that felt way longer than it...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to TopNotch's post in the thread Goal + Action = Reality with Like Like.
      - Cardio and abs Day 13 - Upper Body Blast Day 20 - Dead Hang Day 20 - Standing knee-to-elbow crunches x 100 - Heel touches x 100 -...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to JohnStrong's post in the thread Stronger everyday with Like Like.
      Another great video Injury-free plan: Go slow Listen to your body Be your on coach My family and I are on a short trip to celebrate...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Fremen's post in the thread An Unexpected Party with Like Like.
      BEFORE BREAKFAST 📌 First Thing Water Challenge 📌 Five Rites Workout - (instructional video) [10 min] 📌 Wu Qin Xi - (instructional...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Mamatigerj's post in the thread Mamatigerj's Journal with Like Like.
      FRIDAY 19 APRIL 2024 :v: Begin each day with a hug :v: Counting Blessings :v: Morning Meditation Program: 60 Days of Walking day 20...
    • Anek
      Yesterday meditation done. Meditation not yet done today , Easy Abs challenge D21, Lower Body Blast challenge D21, Foundation D8. Day...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to JCU's post in the thread Rantings, Ravings, and Ramblings with Like Like.
      Basics Tired day Had a nap with Nobu What else is a tired person supposed to do when this lands on their lap?? Nox demanded...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Lady Celerity's post in the thread Never Give Up, Never Surrender with Like Like.
      Thanks @Mamatigerj @Maegaranthelas Friday! Time for a quick log before I head out again. 19 April workout: :rstar: PT exercises -...
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