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    • Anek
      Anek reacted to SkorpionUK's post in the thread Back to Square One with Like Like.
      Thank you @Laura Rainbow Dragon @Lallafa @Fremen ! Now I just have to continue, right? Right. Today Five Rites, 13 reps Zero Hero Day...
    • Anek
      Anek replied to the thread Altair's training log.
      Hello and welcome!
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Matan's post in the thread In the Lion's den with Like Like.
      Today: Main Workout Shadebound Day 8 [LVL I, 2min rest] Unbound Day 8 Good night/day bees!
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to DorothyMH's post in the thread The Other Side with Like Like.
      Mon, Feb 6, 2023 AM- woke up at 6am (PST) having slept sorta choppy, but not because of the doggo, so….🫤🤷🏼. Outside, it is partly...
    • Anek
      Anek replied to the thread The Wonderbunny Playbook.
      @Gandhalfit @Laura Rainbow Dragon fully agree, and we're placing them on garden leave from Monday (meaning they are released from their...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to TheLibrarian's post in the thread Ten Forward with Like Like.
      07.02.2023 DareBee Challenge started: 29.04.2020: DareBee #1289: Graceling DareBee #1290: Vortex DareBee #1291: Hot Zone DareBee -...
    • Anek
      Meditation done yesterday evening. This morning did at level II lone-warrior Day 125 of consecutive exercise (D120 on 02/02).
    • Anek
      Anek replied to the thread Stronger everyday.
      Congrats on the challenges! And thank you for the Northroy adventure, it was fun and made me discover workouts I would not have done...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Laura Rainbow Dragon's post in the thread Stronger everyday with Like Like.
      Thank you for hosting the quest, @JohnStrong ! It was fun! Congratulations on completing the 200 Push-Ups, Negative Pull-Up and Power...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to JohnStrong's post in the thread Stronger everyday with Like Like.
      Day #97 Program/Challenge Progress Classic Warmup ✔ Ironborn 20/30 2000 Push-ups Challenge :completed: Negative Pull-up...
    • Anek
      New Video Showing my Practice Run of Nancy @NancyTree @Maly @Anek @PETERMORRIS966 Thank you so much for your kind hellos its great to...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to TopNotch's post in the thread Goal + Action = Reality with Like Like.
      Programmes: :v: 8 Weeks to 5K Day 30 :v: Arms of Steel (chair edition) Day 29 :v: Push Pull Legs Day 7 Challenges: :v: Indoor Cardio...
    • Anek
      Anek replied to the thread What are you currently reading?.
      Shrines of Gaiety was excellent, Kate Atkinson always delivers books that stay with you after you're done. Currently slogging through A...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Froud's post in the thread Do you wanna dance! Shake it baby! with Like Like.
      Haha that reminds me of Faith No More back in the days! It was before Mike Patton though. I tried to behave yesterday evening, I...
    • Anek
      Anek reacted to Tileenah's post in the thread How long will I keep it up ? with Like Like.
      Yay! Made it to 3 days! I ended up being the rookie in awe in front of my ninja-husband (see the day 3 of the rpg shadebound challenge)...
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