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I started this journey in November of '21. I was really happy with my progress. In April of '22 I hurt my knee installing a metal roof. Simply could not complete even simple exercises. Tried knee strengthening but did not help. Along the trail I lost - motivation. Flash forward to November of 2022. Don't know if I've relocated my motivation but I've been every day for the last couple of weeks and getting to the point when my investment time/pain... is again becoming my motivation. Starting S.U.C.K.S.

I'm 72 yo soon to be 73 1/23.

There's the history. Here's the question. I've got a very aggressive 6 day routine. Just like the last time I "started" there are some exercises I simply can not complete LvL1. I can do one rep - sorta. And I suppose given enough time I could complete the other 2 reps - maybe. So finally we actually get to the actual question. Should I string these exercises out whatever time it requires me to complete LvL1. Orrrrr... should I do what I can do in a reasonable amount of time then move on to the next exercise group. The latter is what I did last time I started. I might only get one rep in but it's a good ummm decent(effort counts for something) rep, in a timely fashion but then I'm done. I'm having to rest between exercises on some instances. The examples I'm giving, in this case, are relative to the "KORRA" exercise routine. There's a lot of routines I can complete LvL1 and others I can complete LvL2 and some I struggle mightily with.

Push-Ups seem to be my nemesis. When I started in April of 2021 I could not even do a single push-up.

Any help is gratefully appreciated!

Doug W.
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I would do what I can do in a reasonable amount of time without thinking about the number of repetitions, with constant practice the numbers will go up anyway, it's just my opinion :)


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Thanks for the reply... I agree with what you said and that's what I did last time. It's a real boost in motivation when I look back at my records and see things that I couldn't do and now can. Even within a single exercise routine there may be one or two that I can't do or can't complete. But I do what I can do the best that I can do it at that time knowing if I don't quit, over time, things improve!