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Hey guys, I hope everyone is well.

I've gained a lot of weight and been trying to lose it. My face has puffed up compared to two years ago, I have some ugly love handles and I've been feeling extremely drowsy and sleepy and lazy and I'd like to turn it around. At the moment, I am not going to the gym so I'll be working out at home. Diet is key and I am keen on fixing it and it's going okay, ups and downs. I might go to the gym soon but please assume I won't be.

Just needed some suggestions as to where to start. My main aim is to lose body fat and weight and when it comes to an acceptable level (not sure what is an acceptable level considering I am 110 kgs rn), I'd like to focus on muscles. That's the goal for now, but I am clueless and would like the help of more experienced folks in this regard.

Thanks and have a lovely day people! :)


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Take a look at the Programs, using the filter you can select strength programs without equipment:
I advise you to take a look at all the programs and see if there is any that inspires you, it is often more important to choose a program that you like more than the one you think is best for training because the fundamental thing it's about continuing to train and if you enjoy it it's easier ;)