Coffee And Exercise


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Coffee is the world's most popular legal psychoactive drug and so far there are only positive effects to be had from its consumption. The latest studies show that it helps us increase endurance and workout intensity so definitely something to keep in mind.

Let me know how you guys are finding this. I am still experimenting with the format.


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I usually drink 3 cups (210mg caffeine) of instant coffee before gym at 7:30 am and recently bought a preworkout which has 400mg caffeine. Taking the preworkout means only 1 coffee, caffeine doesn't increase lifting strength nor the other ingredients of the preworkout but does keep me going with little rest time, my pull-ups are the same as usual and didn't increase, what does likely increase my pull-ups and lifts is carbs.


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Very happy to hear the answer is positive! Especially since these days most things end up being bad for you.

And that I'm having my coffee at a good amount of time before my workout (40 minutes).

Looking forward to more of these. :ss: