Consolidating or eliminating challenges?


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Hi, @neilarey . Just a thought while the challenges database is undergoing revision: here are 2 challenges that possibly could be consolidated.

The challenge consists of 15 minute walk days alternating with walk days that have longer durations, such as 20 minutes, 25 minutes, etc., up to a max of 90 minutes. This is rated 'light', one difficulty bar.

The challenge consists of "at least" 15 minutes walking per day for 30 days. This is rated 'easy', two difficulty bars.

How about this? Use Daily Walk as the base: every day, at least 15 minutes; but on the alternate days, in parentheses, put the longer duration target times. Like this:

Day 2: Done! (Try to reach 20 minutes)
Day 4: Done! (Try to reach 25 minutes)
And so on...