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Hi everyone, i struggle to find the answer to this one so i hope it wasn't ask somewhere else.

How do you count rep for squat for example ? In the manual it's suppose to be total for both legs, but squat always need both legs. So if it says 12, is it six per leg, so i do 6 squat only, or is it really 12 squat ?
I know it's probably a dumb question but it's really not than uncommon that i ask myself a similar question. Like shoulder press, it could be done per arm i guess but it feels better to do it with both. So if it says 12 does that mean i do 6 rep if i use both arm ?
A "squat" uses both legs, so one rep is once down and up again

Unilateral exercises have usual different names:
A "Single leg squat" or "Pistol squat" uses one leg, therefore one rep is once down and up on one leg.