Crunched For Time This Festive Season? Try This.


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A recent poll by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center shows that almost half of us struggle to maintain our health habits over the Festive Season. The stress of prepping for Christmas, socializing, the pressures of work and the external world, life in general can easily overwhelm us. The first victim then is us as we abandon the habits that keep us healthy and maintain our sanity.

If you're really crunched for time and cannot work out you can avoid the whole guilt-trip thingy by doing this. Takes just three minutes in total and it activates almost every biochemical and neurochemical marker in the body you can think of.



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Excellent workout with no excuses for missing time :LOL:


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I remember my early Taiji days (1979-84), we had to hold that for 15 mins, it was grueling and that was after Chi Gung and Taiji form , always liked the Goddess pose in Yoga for time.