Dumbell workouts


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Hi everyone, I have been using the smiter and strength and power workouts for a while now. How has everyone found them and what have been the results?


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Hello @Sturds , and welcome to the Darebee community!

To get the best results out of your workouts, please bear a few things in mind:
- rest and recovery are essential between training sessions to give your body time to build muscle;
- other factors such as quality of sleep and nutrition also play a part;
- if you keep using the same workouts with the same intensity, the same weights, the same number of reps and so on, your body will adapt; they will feel easier, but you will also stop improving. Progressively increasing the difficulty is key here. There are multiple ways to do this - either by cutting down on rest times, adding sets, or in the case of dumbbell workouts, using heavier weights.

I hope this helps!