I have gynecomastia and huge love handles


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I have gynecomastia and huge love handles.......
What should I do now ... ?


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Firstly, for the gynecomastia, have you seen a doctor? They can best diagnose why you have it, and what to do.

Regarding the love handles, it sounds like your goal is to reduce bodyfat in general. I don't know anything about your physique apart from those details, but why not try one of the many workouts on this site? Darebee has both fat burning and muscle building workouts you can use.


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i had gynecomastia and understand how you probably feel about it, it started during puberty for me. Never went away. And, never affected my exercise. I finally had breast tissue surgically removed In my 50s. I also advise seeing a doctor as GentleOx recommends. I’ve had my share of large love handles over the years. For me, when covid started, I started walking. I built up to 3+ mi per day about 4-5 days per week. Walking is a great way to start. I also became familiar with workouts and the workout filter. I selected easy workouts and did 1 or 2 per day, mixing them up, selectively choosing what to do or not based on my own issues, bad shoulder = knee pushups, no burpees, etc. It was a gradual progress to slowly build and achieve results over a 3 month period. I was aiming for reducing excess fat and adding muscle. It worked great. I love these guys and what they do. Spend time reading from all the information categories and get a healthy knowledge of how this all works. You’ll be able to figure out what works for you. Good luck!