Instant LifeSpan And HealthSpan Test


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There are few test of fitness, lifespan and healthspan as complex and yet as easy to apply as the sitting-to-standing one.

Here's how to do it:

It's not yet public on YouTube so you guys get a first peek. There is a whole lot of information I have placed in the description box which is worth checking out and we have a guide on this coming out soon.


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Some years back I told a Yoga teacher about this test and was recommended for seniors to do something like 12 times. She told me she now has it in all her classes. My early Yoga days this was always used to sit on the mat. Now I'm 71, I would warm up before giving it a go.

Later: at the seniors 50+ gym did it several times, also the one where you go into a kneel then back up.
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