Is Fit December too hard (for me)?


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Hi! I'm coming back into exercise, and of course coming back to Darebee (how could I not!). The thing is, I'm not at my best right now and I was planning to do a level 2 program, but Fit December seems really fun and I wanted to give it a try. BUT! I noticed there's no "easy" option inside each workout, there is only "repeat 5 times", and I feel like that could be too much for me depending on the exercise. Could I repeat just 3 times, if I can't make it to 5 some days, or is it best to just do some other level 2 program and forget about Fit December? 😅


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I hesitated over it myself. I will be taking hall passes on all of the ab days because of a weak pelvic floor, and i will be doing modifications on some exercises because of grumpy knees, as well as adjusting some exercises to be lower impact. I think if you take the full 2 minutes rest between sets and just do however many sets you can, that should be fine ~or maybe do a couple sets later in the day? I finally decided that the joy of doing it along with so many other Bees trumped any misgivings about my own fitness level. So, i say, "Go for it!"

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I think you should definitely do Fit December. You can substitute some exercises with their low-impact versions, and you will be able to do all 5 rounds!
For example, there are jumping jacks for the 1st day — a high intensity exercise. Sub it with more step jacks! Can't do butt kicks and high knees? Do march steps instead =)
On the other hand, it's a good idea to do just 3 rounds if you think you can't get to the recommended 5 rounds, there's nothing wrong with it =)