Lower back strengthening - how to start?


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"starting sooooon again"

Since I managed to lost some weight I want to start easy again with some fitness practices and, regarding not getting younger any more start with a thing that might become a problem in a few years. My lower back. So my goal is to start easy but keep it steady.

I found 2 workouts / stretches

I would combine them with some warm up to a training, 2 times a week to start.

My question is, in which order shoult I do them and are there any ohter things I should consider?
What are you opinions?

Thanks in advance!


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I would say that you can use Chest and Lower Back Workout as a warmup and then continue on the floor with Lower Back Workout.
I'd also take a look at Darebee's back program: Back And Core.
Keep in mind that even if you choose a 30-day program you can easily do two workouts a week as you planned, obviously it will take longer to finish it but you will have a varied and well-structured workout with a progression :)