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Hi fellow bees!

Quick question

Just finished Ironborn and I have to say it was somewhat intense when adjusting weights for each excersis.

Should I repeat ironborn with more weights or swap to another program? The goal is to lose belly fat and build overall muscles(. After ironborn 7cm from belly is lost, so I guess it's helped, abs workout is much easier now, lean my arms from fat so I'm pretty much happy bout that program!

Thanks in advanced for responses!


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"“Keep an eye on the staircases. They like to change.” Percy Weasley, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone."
If you enjoyed Ironborn and it gave you results why not do it again ;)
If you continue to adjust the weights you use you will continue to progress.
Personally, I switch training styles when I'm bored doing the same things the same way or when I notice that I'm not getting results anymore. If I like what I do and it gives me results, I continue with what works :)