Question about dumbbell pullovers


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I read all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s books and he recommend to keep the hips as low as possible at all times during this exercise.
However in the training video “shape it up with Arnold”, he specifically mentions to drop the hips simultaneously with the dumbbell behind you, and to bring the hips back up while you raise the dumbbell.
So 2 completely conflicting things.
Which one is best, and why?
Of course it won’t matter all that much but yet I am curious about it.
Pullover video:
Exercise explanation from his 3 books:


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Hey, I had a copy of The Bodybuilding Bible. Lots of good stuff. Here are some thoughts.

We keep the hips low to get that stretch going. In theory, if you raised them, then your upper body would descend, and you'd have to lower the dumbbell even more.

Regarding raising the hips... The way I look at it is that this is not a full body exercise.

Only your arms should be moving, from above your chest to behind your head. I'm not interested in using my glutes (because when your hips rise, that's what you're using) to help out with the lift. I only want that chest stretch.

Of course, I don't do these anymore, so pick a version that works with you and stick by it.