Slippery hands


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So I noticed there are a few exercises that are hard for me to do bc of sweaty hands (sorry for the tmi lol)
I have anxiety and being in a crowded place like the gym isn't always easy for me, my hands tend to be slippery so I can't grab metal surfaces correctly. I use an insane amount of hand sanitizer but it doesn't do much after awhile...
Is there any half gloves/grips that can be used in a case like this? Or maybe even a cream?
I'm not sure a powder is a good solution for a public gym bc I don't want to leave residue, but maybe a translucent one exists?


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I think gloves would work just fine :confused: might just make your hands sweatier inside of them, though


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You should be able to pick up some weight lifting gloves or even bicycle gloves which should solve a bit of that problem. You might take them off from time to time to dry your hands if you're getting too sweaty inside.