The Exercise of the Day / Daily Dare Chatroom


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With the new dawn of a new Hive, I figured it's time to also move our Exercise of the Day (formely known as Daily Dare, DD) chatroom in here.

A quick note: DDs used to have Extra Credits, but they don't anymore. So, in case anyone is new to this, don't get intimidated when you read other posts that say +EC. Back in the day, the majority of them used to be "do the DD in one go," so now the EC is something personal that we do to flavor things up. Think of it as adding an extra challenge to it, say "doing it in one go," or simple "adding weights," or stuff to make it harder. This is completely optional, and you are not obligated to do it if you don't feel like it, or aren't able to do so! Taking on the DD is already a challenge on itself!


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September 19th, 2022


40 Side-to-Side Lunges + Extra Credit (DD 1429)

@Sólveig :approve: Thank you!

Everybody, stay safe and healthy, and have a fantasic day! Keep on keeping on!!!