Ultimate AMRAP

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So I threw this together because I'm a mad man.
AMRAP stands for As Many Reps As Possible, the sets are generally timed and you perform as many reps as you can within the allotted time and with the weight you chose. It's simple enough but can burn like an SOB. So I threw this together, a full body routine with mostly isolation movements. It's not meant to be part of a regular routine but more of a shot in the arm to help bust out of a plateau or just wake up the body.

Perform each exercise for one set of 60 seconds AMRAP, perform 2 sets if you're feeling ambitious but don't bet on it

-Dumbbell Spanish Squats
-Bridge Curl
-Cossack Squat
-Cable Crossover
-Cable W Raise
-Straight Arm Pull-down
-Overhead Extension
-Rope Curl
-Rope Front raise
-Dumbbell Lateral Raises
-Dumbbell Shrug
-Forearms curl
-Seated knee tuck
-Seated Calf Raises