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hello everyone! do you happen to have any tips to give on someone who's going to be on their weightloss journey that happens to be a college student? Goign through a weightloss journey is hard especially when you are a college student huhuhu HELP


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I am not sure if you like sports, but my college had lots of different sports "clubs" to sign up and join which helped me stay active and make some good friends too. There might be a rock climbing or outdoor camping or some other active clubs too. As far as eating goes, maybe look into something like intermittent fasting. It is pretty cheap/free and easy to understand, but its not for everyone. Eating healthy on campus is a huge challenge so good luck!
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You must know that cutting meals is not the way to a healthy body! Coping with weight loss on your own is hard. I am lucky to have my mother who guided me. So what is essential to get fit and healthy is to have helpful, not just low in calories food, and of course, sport is significant. For example, I began attending a college athletics club after checking a should college athletes be paid essay because it motivated me. And at my college, we were paid, which inspired and helped me lose weight. So maybe some essay examples about whether college athletes should be paid will bring light to your mind.
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To lose weight you need a calorie deficit, 15-20%. So burn more than you eat . Have also a healthy diet , no sugar and flour, eat salad and fruits .
Try to be active to burn calories. You can exercise to lose fat and not muscle mass.
You can read this translated article from Greek.
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