Where did the name "DAREBEE" come from?


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Hey guys! Back in 2015, I've came across both the 2014 and 2015 "100 No Equipment Workouts" pdfs and printed them all out into one binder for motivation. Luckily I had an office job at the time so it was a nice perk of being able to freely print it all using their resources.

I was absolutely amazed the fun themed workouts, and stoked to do a few myself immediately. Looking back, it was the genesis of my appreciation of HIIT style. Unfortunately I didn't do much with the HIIT Binder besides accumulate some dust on the shelf through college. I poked at some of the pages I found online, but didn't dive into the full site at the time. Even fiddled with the app a time or two.

Fast forward to 2022, a turning point for my fitness journey as I now work for Spartan Race and Touch Mudder, a world leading athletic company. Motivation is there, so I challenged myself to finally complete this book that's awaited me for years. One a day. Every day. With a rollercoaster of events, I managed to finish the book on schedule and was so accustomed to "NeilaRey" on every page, this was well before DAREBEE was coined. Finally diving into the website and discovering the absolute wonders of this machine, figured I'd ask the obvious, when was the rebranding and why "DAREBEE"? ('dare-bee? 'darrr-bee'?)

Also, I've noticed that the difficulty has certainly lowered to the newer workouts as I usually opt for the Level 3 (7-set) options that would end with a puddle of sweat. Now the rep counts have been cut in half. Was this intentional or am I just getting that good? :eyes:


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Hi @AntiEmerej

The site's naming happened almost simultaneously with me becoming a part of this fantastic training community back in 2015. I can still remember the conversations that took place back in 2015 about what name the site should have. So I searched on Wayback Machine and found this thread from back then.


The intensity of the programs and workouts has changed significantly over the years. I use Google and the Internet Archive to find some of the older workouts.

More recently, the Darebee team changed the concept of the difficulty levels, which was somewhat debated :)



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DAREBEE. The dare part is self-explanatory. It takes courage to face the limitations of ourselves and try to exceed them. It is daring to believe that we can refashion ourselves and, hopefully, the world, in small ways. Life itself is a dare we should never refuse to accept. The bee part arose out of all the qualities you described in the forum. Bees are workers and warriors.


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Hi @AntiEmerej and welcome to the Hive! :happy: @Sundance and @thinman already gave quite good answers, I'll just add that, in a nutshell, the difficulty moved up a level. So If you are used to level 3 difficulty you will find those workouts sorting for level 4. We've expanded our collection a lot in the recent years and we specifically focused on lighter workouts because people who can't do workouts at level 3 and higher are usually the ones who need DAREBEE the most. This has been our experience anyway. We can't be accessible if we only cater to people who are already in pretty good shape and, to be honest, we failed in the past. We still create difficult workouts and programs but we create many easy ones as well. Honestly, sometimes I have days when I need a level 1 workouts myself :bored:

Oh and about the name change, we have a small explanation here.

I hope this helps and have an awesome day!