Workout Newbie with a bit of a challenge


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Workout Newbie with a bit of a challenge

Hey everyone. New member here.
I am a skinny mom of two with separated abdomen (diastasis recti). The thing is, I really, really want to add weight, but it all goes into my stomach, worsening the bulge I'm already trying to deal with. I'm not sure where to start, but I'll appreciate any direction I can get.


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Hello and welcome to the darebee.
I suppose that you can exercise despite your problem with the abdomen . Did you ask a doctor about this situation?
I read that you can do exercises for this.
To gain muscles mass and weight , generally you need a deficit surplus, 200-300 calories a day and to exercise, preferably weight lifting but you can do body weight workouts.
You can choose a program but also you can do 3 workouts per week
Try to be active and to have a healthy diet
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