Cardio that doesn't make me lose more weight?


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Hi everyone!

I'm getting back to exercising on a weekly/daily basis after years of on-and-off physical activity, and as an amateur singer, one of my main goals is to get better breath control, which I believe is best achieved with cardio training.

However, over the last three years, due to my medication, I've lost a lot of weight, and it's quite important now that I don't lose more. I'm now around 55kg for 169cm (as a biological woman), with a bit of muscle but not much ^^ Because of that medication I also can't eat a lot (I'm just not hungry at all most of the time). Mainly I eat pasta with different sauces - typical meal at home is spaghetti carbonara, because my husband is very particular with food and doesn't eat veggies. I'm trying to work on my diet but it's gonna take time.

All the resources I've found on the Internet are from muscular guys trying not to lose mass, but I don't know if it requires the same kind of solutions for my problem, so I figured you guys could have some helpful advice :)



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Hello and welcome to the hive.
To lose weight you need a calories deficit, so try not to have a calories deficit .
Also did you try to lift weights ?
for example to use kettlebells that is a way of cardio also as strength training.


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Welcome to Darebee!

First you will need to know your level of fitness that will help you where to start and measure your progress.
This can be done as recommended by Darebee Fitness Test

You will need to read these two guides articles :
Training Plans
How to Pick a Program

These articles will help you understand how to plan yourself and what is better for you.

Also as you mention you are looking for cardio training can start with programs with filter cardio and select the difficulty that is best suits you


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Do soft cardio and not HIIT as it'll make you gain a better endurance, condition without taking much energy. Soft running, biking, skating or a good rythm long walk will do and you'll not loose.
Weight can be good also but this will not work on your breath for singing...
Don't do jeacy cardio that can't be done long and will burn more energy like tabata, HIIT.
Swimming is great if you do it cool ( not as a race to be fast) a nice long swimming wilm work your muscle and condition.
Would do level 1, 2 cardio simply (no HIIT).


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Thank you all for your answers!

I'm not really new to Darebee, and I actually was quite active here a few years ago, but my situation, body and overall lifestyle have changed so much since that I'm kinda starting from scratch again ^^ I'll definitely take the fitness test again, thanks for that suggestion