Chocolate milk 🥛🍫


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I'm a fan of those, as well. I usually put two heaping teaspoons of raw cocoa in a mug, add a bit of boiled water to dissolve the cocoa and then add as much milk as I like. Doesn't need sugar or anything and tastes delicious.


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Oh, I have the most fond memories of chocolate milk. I would drink it every night before bed whenever I was staying the night at my grandpa's house (which was every weekend). That was probably horrible for me and my teeth, but it sure was an addiction!

I rarely drink it now. Several years ago, when my weight was ballooning out of control, I loved to make chocolate milk and put peppermint coffee creamer in it. That stuff is delicious, and oh so horrible for you. I genuinely fear trying to make it again now in case I were to wind up wanting it all the time, lol.

I may give milk + cocoa powder a try, never done that before, always just used chocolate syrup.