Do you cook? How often?


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Who cooks in your house? Do you cook? How often? Do you enjoy it?
I consider myself very lucky that both my husband and I cook regularly. We typically cook a couple of main batch meals every week. My husband enjoys cooking and experimenting with various ingredients. I do not enjoy cooking, but I do it because I can't afford, financially and physically health-wise, to eat out all the time. I prefer one pot meals (stews, soups, casseroles, etc). I don't like getting more pots and pans dirty than necessary. My husband is similar in that manner.


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I cook a lot - A LOT - because I like to eat A LOT :LOL:. And I'm on my own, so I get to make whatever I want :muahaha:.

I love cooking, because I'm finally at a place where I'm comfortable playing with flavors and ingredients to figure out what works and tastes best to me. I'll typically make big batches of things on Saturday to last the week (breakfasts, salad dressings, freezer meals, desserts, etc.) and a hearty entree that I can have leftovers from for two or three days. I'll make smaller one-pot or freezer-to-microwave dishes mid-week, and I go out to eat 2-3 times a week (mostly because it's hard for me to cook after work).