How to start the gym for the first time ?


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Hey everyone, I'm a new member here and I need your help.
I'm a 23 years old male, today I decided to start hitting the gym for the first time in my life and I wanna know how and all things I need to know before i start.
NB: It's not my first time with sports completly, I was doing another kind of sports like footall and running, it's just my first time in the gym and I don't where/how to start.


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Hello @mtmouhcine , and welcome!

There are lots of ways to approach gym training, depending on your goals. As you get more familiar with the equipment and understand how to build a proper routine, you'll get to experiment and see what works best for you. But since you're asking for guidance, I'll try to give you a few useful pointers and keep it simple. Remember that what I'm going to write here is not an absolute truth - It's only a way to make things easier for you at first.

So, since you're relatively new to this, you should probably start with full-body workouts. If you can have two or three workouts a week with at least one day of rest between sessions, that's great.

In each training session, try to include at least the following exercises. For each of them, try to find a weight you can do 5 sets of 10 reps with, with 60 to 90 seconds of rest between sets:
1) Bench press
2) Pulldown
3) Squat
4) Deadlift

Depending on how you feel after this, feel free to add some isolation exercises for your biceps, triceps or calves, and/or some ab work.

If you can successfully complete 5 sets of 10 with a certain weight (while keeping good form), try to gradually increase the weights. Progress should be pretty fast at first as you get used to the exercises, then gradually slower, and that's OK. Consistency and patience will deliver results.

I hope this helps you get started! Don't hesitate if you have more questions.


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The simplest thing to do is to rely on the gym instructors, have a card drawn up and be followed up for the first few times to be sure you are doing each exercise correctly :)