i want to gain weight and just look fit.


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hello my self mitesh, i'm 22 years old
height 5.6 and weight is 46kg
i want to gain weight and im looking for a good diet,
im belongs to hindu family and we all are totally non vegetarian.
so anyone can help me to gain some weight and i want to look fit and healthy.
sorry for my bad english.


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I'm not much of a diet guy, but I'm around your height and 82 kg, so clearly I got bitten by the weight gain bug. I'm not going to give you an entire diet, but here's what I think.

Simple: You need to eat more calories than you burn. And you need more protein in your diet (if you look it up, you can find out how much).

I don't know how athletic or active you are - this will change the amount that you need to eat. And of course, EXERCISE. The workouts on darebee.com are a fine start.