Lower Abs May-Challenge

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Hey, I had a quick question about the Lower Abs May-Challenge.
It says on day 2 that you have to do 8 leg raises and 10 second hold. Does that mean that you have to hold your legs on the high-point you raise them to for 10 seconds? (I tried that and it seemed entirely too difficult although that may be because I lack the muscle, but day 1 did seem manageble :)


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Does that mean that you have to hold your legs on the high-point you raise them to for 10 seconds?
Yes but if it's too difficult you can keep them raised at 90 degrees, the abs work the same but less strenuously :)
or you can keep your legs up for as long as you can, if you like the challenge there's no reason not to do it if you can tweak it a bit to make it easier for you.


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*raises hand* Wait, wait, wait, understanding problem!
So, I've understood those challenges (and there are others constructed like this) like so:
-You do 8 leg-raises. Pretty basic stuff, brace your core, exhale, lift your legs to around 70° give or take, inhale and lower them to about two inches above the floor, repeat 8 times
-After those leg-raises, you do another and hold THAT one for a 10-count.
-You DON'T hold every one of those 8 leg-raises for a count of 10.
That's how I always understood those challenges. From @Sir Cheese's question I took it that he thought asked if you should hold every leg raise for a 10-count, which, to my understanding, is wrong.
Or maybe I misunderstood the whole question, I don't know, I'm confused now but thought clarification would be good, nonetheless, or it's just me :gotq:

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The way I do this is:
* 8 leg raises
* Then, after the eighth leg raise, hold legs at extension for 10 seconds.
* Repeat for the indicated # of sets.
This is usually how the Darebee instructions are intended, and I think that's what Fremen was also getting at.