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I have worked out with Darebee on and off since 2018 or so. I am copying some of my journals from the old Hive over for now just in case I decide I want to keep them. I am currently recovering from a shoulder and foot injury so trying to make active choices that won't slow that down. Looking back at my logs I am reminded that I have had a lot of major injuries in the last five years. It is hard to know what this means. Have I been unlucky? Am I pushing too hard? Is my lifestyle not balanced? I have had back issues since an accident in high school but the last five years have included a wide variety of issues. I wonder if stress and overwork contribute to my body not being able to heal quickly. One of my goals starting back up this time is to do fitness for my health and well being, not just to beat a challenge. I

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Post from March 18, 2020

After scrolling through a few other people's threads I decided I didn't like the idea of pages and pages of posts. I have decided just to edit this one as I go for now. Maybe I will do a second post when I finish my first month.

Day 2 is going strong. Worked on each of my challenges and did the daily workout and dare (EC). I have somehow convinced my wife to do both days with me. I logged in but when I went to do the daily dare counter it was back at 0. Is this based on cookies instead of the account? I accessed the site from a different computer.

Day 3 - I remembered to scatter the different workouts throughout the day this time. Did the daily dare (no EC) and workout of the day while watching press releases from the county and state. Did it by myself today.

Day 4 - Did my workouts while watching the WHO briefing today. Modified the daily dare to make it accessible as a previously broken rib keeps me from doing extended exercises that involve strain on the rib cage (no EC).

Day 5 - Keeping up the work. Daily Dare with extra credit.

Day 6 - Going strong. Daily Dare with extra credit.

Day 7 - Daily Dare with extra credit and a dog trying to crawl under me the whole time! Finished a solid seven days. I'm proud.

Week 2

Day 8 - I am getting into the routine of working out every evening. I often forget to try to spread things throughout the day but we are getting there. Daily Dare with extra credit.

Day 9 - I did better today about scattering some things earlier in the day. Daily Dare with extra credit.

Day 10 - Took a light day today. A week and a half of shelter in place is taking its toll in a few ways. One of those is that my sleep is not great and I just felt a lot of fatigue. I just did the Flex Hang Challenge and Daily Dare (EC) and of course my daily walk.

Day 11 - Took another light day but did the Flex Hang Challenge and Daily Dare (EC).

Day 12 - Got through everything today with extra credit on the Daily Dare.

Day 13 - I think I might drop the daily workout. While I appreciate the variety it gives I find myself less interested in doing it. I think that I may start replacing that with some acrobatics work (handstands, etc.). Daily Dare with extra credit.

Day 14 - While I still think I might work on some acrobatics I started running today. I have been walking a lot and figured I would step that up to the next level. I wasn't able to complete the Day 14 Flex Hang Challenge so I will repeat that day tomorrow. Daily Dare with extra credit.

Post from April 1, 2020

I am super proud of myself for working out every day for two weeks. I am a physical education teacher so I am very active but not necessarily purposeful about targeted workouts. COVID-19 has changed my life in many ways and this is one of the few benefits that has come from it. I am officially dropping the daily workout and switching to running.

Week 3

Day 15 - 2.5 mile morning "run" and working out scattered throughout the day. Finished off while listening to the state press conference (Daily Dare with E.C.)

Day 16 - Still trying to get into a groove. Adding the "Totals" program and really enjoyed that. Daily Dare with E.C.

Day 17 - Really enjoying the totals program and getting into the running as well. Daily Dare but no E.C.

Day 18 - Today was a slow day. I did a good job of spreading things out but then got really into a board game and no time to finish before bed. I did complete the Daily Dare (E.C.), my 8 Weeks to 5k, and Calves of Steel. I failed the day's Flex Hang Challenge (30 seconds is brutal) and will try again tomorrow. I made it about half way through totals. I will be redoing some of those tomorrow.

Day 19/20 - I went back and counted and apparently I missed a day somewhere. Today should be day 20. Redid some of the activities that I didn't finish yesterday. Still stuck on the Flex Hang Challenge. I don't know how realistic that challenge is but I will keep working on it. Daily Dare with EC.

Day 21 - Ran a 5k at 30:52 today. First one I have run in two years. I was pretty proud of myself. Ran almost 2k with pounding hail! No extra credit on the Daily Dare. Injury keeps me from pushing too hard at once with abs. Still stuck on the 30 second flex hang. I think I might take a complete day off tomorrow from upper body (including flex hang) to give my body a chance for total recovery. Maybe that will help push past the wall.

Week 4

Day 22 - Rest day for the most part. Plenty of activity including digging fence post holes but no organized "exercise"

Day 23 - Back to the usual pattern but no extra credit on the daily dare. Finally was able to do the Flex arm hang for 30 seconds!

Day 24 - No formal exercise today. I spent the entire day building a fence though!

Day 25 - Back to the normal routine. No extra credit on the daily dare. 3 minute wall sit..... maybe someday.

Day 26 - Some days are more consistent than others but I am feeling on the right track. No running for me today but hit everything else and extra credit on the daily dare!

Day 27 - Somehow managed to get the 35 seconds on the flex arm hang. Extra credit on the daily dare.

Day 28 - The downside to doing most of my exercise in the evening is that when something comes up the exercise goes out the window. Family emergency kept me from most of my workout yesterday but that is okay. I am finding that the longer I go the easier it is to "miss" but always for a legitimate reason which I am okay with. I had done about half of my daily exercises already. No Daily Dare or E.C.

Post from April 15, 2020

Time flies. I definitely feel stronger and healthier in many ways. I do have an old back issue that has started to flare up somewhat regularly. That is definitely something I haven't missed. I've been several years with only two or three days where it has given me issues and now I would say it is more like two or three days a week. I will need to put some thought into how I can balance my need for exercise while sheltering in place and my overall health and well being. There don't seem to be any specific exercises that trigger it more than others but that is hard to isolate with how much variety I am doing. I do know that I should probably be doing some PT style exercises for my back and intend to see if I can add some of that in moving forward.

Somehow I lost a day on the journal again. I don't know how that happens. Oh Well!

Week 5

Day 29/30 - The running is going much better than expected. I have found that my dog does not enjoy running for any period of time though. Slow poke. Daily Dare with extra credit thought I can guarantee I did not look as cool as the illustration.

Post from April 28, 2020

Isn't it ironic that my last post was about feeling stronger and healthier? I started not feeling well the next day and things only got worse. I don't know what I had but it definitely knocked me on my bumm. The last two days I have slowly gotten back to just going on walks and doing basic movement like working in the garden. Today I did a full pull ups and a small bit of jogging. I hope to start back in on a few things tomorrow if I don't find myself exhausted by what I have done so far today.

Post from May 3, 2020

I have been slowly easing back into things. I have found that I had lost quite a bit of progress and been trying to "catch up" to where I was in each of my workout plans. I am almost back to where I was for running and lower body. Today was a good day. I think that the flex arm hang may take a bit longer. I still don't see how that one is doable unless you start with a ton of upper body strength. Oh well! The plan for tomorrow is to do the full routine.

Post from May 4, 2020

I was able to get through about half of my routine and a bunch of lawn mowing!

Post from May 7, 2020

Man is it hard to get back once you have stopped. Ive been working out and even some running but not the whole routine. I am determined that today is the day! I will edit the post later with my results.

Post from January 1, 2021

After getting sick and having a difficult time getting back into the routine I suffered a major back injury in July. I intend to begin a regular workout routine but will be starting small. My hope is that I can build back my strength but also not set myself back from healing. Today I am starting small. Just doing the flex arm hang today.

Post from January 2, 2021

January was too soon. It didn't take much to throw things off again but I am officially release from physical therapy now and trying to start again. Today I did about 50 yards of jogging during my walk. I also did a variety calf raises throughout the day. Fingers crossed that I'm not regretting it tomorrow.

Post from February 18, 2021

The jog went okay but I haven't repeated it yet. It just makes me nervous. I have been regularly doing daily light intensity exercise without too many adverse effects. I started actually tracking again today. Calf raises, squats, and flexed arm hang. I think that I will be ready to start a program or challenge the beginning of March.


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Week 1 - Saturday, January 7 - Friday, January 13, 2023

Day 1 - Completed the daily squats challenge and set up the new check in thread. It feels good to have a routine and some structure in front of me. Taking it easy for now while I wait to hear back from the doctor about how we are proceeding with my foot. The squats do not irritate my foot at all (so far). I am also continuing to incorporate my physical therapy exercises for my shoulder.

Week 2 - Saturday, January 14 - Friday, January 20, 2023

I have continued to do my squats each day which is a nice routine. My foot still does not seem irritated and I am looking forward to pushing a little hard next week.

Week 3 - Saturday, January 21 - Friday, January 27, 2023

Day 17 - As usual, the end of this squat challenge is hard. I am going to stagnate here a bit and let my body build up some more muscle. I used to be able to do this kind of stuff with no issues. With the injuries from the last few years and just getting older I need to be more patient with my body. Trying not to push too far too fast.
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