Gave up fitness for programming


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I gave up my fitness to escape a toxic relationship. I'm a software engineer now, solo AF! However, looking back at my sub 7 miles, and my now-excessive high resting heart rate... We got some other probs.

I'm a single full-time father, and I'm on the go from ~6am-7pm on the weekdays. When I finally get home, I'm beat and/or give in to programming more. I'm still vegan, so I still have my diet working for me. If anything, I eat too little in temptation for just one more line... of code.

So, instead of crying like a little you know what, it's 5:30 am and I just finished the daily workout and some dumbell forearm workouts. I plan on supplementing workouts here and there for a run on my lunch at work. I also mountain bike, kayak and skate; Extreme sport weekends are back on!

Drop your ayo below for being single, lookin' good or feelin' good! I feel all of the above ;)

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Welcome :)