Headache after Push-up


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In last two days, I did Knee Push-Ups, 3 Sets 16/16/10, then I felt headache and I measured my blood precure I found it is 155/97, so I drunk Hibiscus juice and after 30 min my headache released and my blood pressure decreased. In the next day I got the same issue. is this normal? if not what is the cause?

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It's not normal for you to get a headache after an exercise, maybe try doing push-ups in a different way, if you do them to failure it could be that the effort is too much, so maybe do more sets but with fewer repetitions.
I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice :)


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Sometimes I get a headache after exercising if the effort is too much for my neck and shoulders, but I have never encountered the blood pressure thing. I'm not a doctor, but as Fremen said I think maybe the effort is too much and you should slow down a bit.

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Not a doctor, but I've done a few push ups. I want to point out that the exertion, plus the horizontal position of your head may be what's doing it. Dizziness, maybe? Also, are you doing your push ups very quickly? The motion may be making you dizzy.

Potential solutions? Going to have to go with what @Fremen and @Flourish have said. You could lower the reps for now, and come back to them when things are stabler, and you feel stronger. You can experiment with different kinds of push ups (like pushing against the wall).


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I would try to make sure to breath well while performing the pushups, don't try to hold your breath

also what do you eat before your work outs? there should be a good 1-2 hours between your meal and work outs session, make sure you're properly hydrated too.

P.S. as all the pervious posts stated, I am also not a Dr. and this is not a medical advice