How can I become the best fighter?


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Practice. Whatever your chosen MA, you won't be good at it unless you work hard at it. Consider adding an element of cardio to your training routine. See what areas you are weak in and focus on those. Perhaps add some rotational strength training. Really, your question is difficult to address without knowing what it is you actually want to achieve and where you are now. All the best.


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Several folks have already said this, but it's worth repeating:

"Begin with the goal in mind"

* Define what "the best fighter" means to you. Only you can define this for yourself.

* Based on your definition, that would be the goal to strive for. As an example, is the "best fighter" a MMA champion, or an Olympic gold medalist? I think you could use elements of karate in either, but it would be different applications.

* Besides training in your art, work on flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, and 'fast twitch' muscle strength. Having fast hands and feet helps, also.

* Mentally, immense self-discipline, strong willpower, adaptability, ability to predict what your opponent is doing. You may find it helps to be single minded.

* It may help to read biographies of people who were understood to be "the best" in anything. How did X become the best Y, and what lessons could I learn from them?

* Spiritually, you have to be able to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, develop self-control, and subordinate your present happiness for future greatness. You have to discipline yourself to your art.

* Even then, you probably need a lot of time, luck, great teachers, supportive family and friends.