Lose fat, build muscles


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Hey! Shahbaz ahmed here
I just can't find or know how to lose fat and gain muscles.
I watched too many YouTube videos and read many articles. Can't be helped!
I need a help for that problem thanks đź‘Ť
Weight 74kg!
Height 5'8
Belly fat and some other i fat i can't even see!
Suggest me a program or something!


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In theory, it's fairly easy. Calculate your TDEE with a calculator and the sedentary setting. Eat around 500 kcals less than that per day. That will take care of the fat. Take care to eat enough protein, to keep your muscles and to help build new ones. At the same time, do strength training. Lifting weights net you faster results, but calisthenics work, too. Depending on your fitness level, choose a program with the strenght tag. If you have dumbbells, do Ironborn.


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