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The nutrition landscape is changing so quickly that sadly we can no longer keep up. After months of trying to work it out we have finally decided to retire mealplans and recipes sections. We didn’t want to announce it until it was official. It is today.

It takes 4 people + a full time dietician to run the sections but it’s been getting harder and harder to keep it up in the past few years. We eventually ended up with a single part time person in charge of both and the quality of both has steadily declined. Without a full-time dietician we simply can’t support and advance the mealplan section. Without extra people testing, editing and producing the recipes, the recipe section has also become a massive issue.

It’s sad to see two entire sections go so we did not make this decision lightly. It’s something that’s been happening for a long time and we just kept it on life-support. In its latest form both were simply not the kind of quality we want to offer here at DAREBEE. So, now we will be focusing on what we do best - the training aspect of fitness. And with extra resources freed from dropping the mealplans and recipes, we can do more in workouts, programs and challenges as well as the Hive 2.0 (we plan on developing it further).

Note: we will still be creating guides on nutrition in the Guides section.

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@neilarey will we still get a Kitchen section for the new Hive? I greatly appreciated having a thread in the old Hive for my own recipes. I kept these separate from my workouts check-in thread because I know there are Bees who follow my check-in thread who are sensitive to talk about food and food pictures. I'm not sure where to put them now though?


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I'm sad to see it go... If you ever do get a dietician on board, I'll gladly join the team for editing, testing, and producing recipes... My (unofficial) culinary experience expands to vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, the Mediterranean diet, the Fab4 diet, diabetics, gluten-intolerant, heart conditions, pancreatitis, and reproductive health, often having to overlap several conditions into the same meal. ;)


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Definitely sad to see it go as Darebee was always my go to for nutrition and fitness. Is it at all possible to get the old meal plans ? I’d even pay for them. I know the landscape has changed but I find that some old techniques still have really great results
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